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"Gumat-Organic" Bioplex

Ministry of Agriculture of Russia

On October 17, 2017 our highly efficient "Gumat-Organic" agent was registered by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and included into the state register of pesticides and agricultural chemicals.

"Gumat-Organic" is a unique natural compound acquired via a new technology from eco-friendly valley peat. It is a growth stimulator, bioactivator of plants' immune system and combined fertilizer.

General benefits:

  • Activates plants growth and development
  • Used as spray materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Helps to recover soil fertility
  • Does not overacidify soil
  • Safe for plants, animals (bees, fish, domestic animals) and humans
  • Does not require additional fertilizer treatment
  • Acts as a bioactive agent that activates growth and development of living organisms
  • Easily digested by plants
  • Applied for all kinds of lawn-and-garden plants
  • 100% natural biostimulant

Application scope:

  • Soil treatment (1-3 l of "Gumat-Organic" humate per 50-300 l of water for 1 ha)
  • Seed treatment (seed soaking before planting in accordance with the following ratio: 0.4-0.6 l of "Gumat-Organic" humate per 10 l of water for 2 hours).
  • Plant treatment during a vegetation period (2 times: 1st spraying during the stage of forming 2 true leaves, 2nd spraying in 8-10 days; 0.4-0.6 l of "Gumat-Organic" humate per 50-300 l of water for 1 ha).

Soil reclamation and remediation:

  • Activates the mechanisms of soil detoxication from organic and anthropogenic contaminants
  • Removes heavy metals from circulation of elements
  • Blocks toxic agents in soils
  • Promotes soil remediation in contaminated areas
  • Increases the amount of beneficial microflora in soils

Improving yield class:

  • Improves chemical composition of plants by increasing the quantity of nutrients in crops
  • Stimulates formation of vitamins in fetuses
  • Activates plants growth and development
  • Stimulates germinative power of seeds
  • Stimulates acclimatization of seedlings, cuttings and planting stock
  • Accelerates plants growth and development
  • Speeds up ripening of crops
  • Stimulates plant resistance
  • Improves plant immunity
  • Reduces the need to apply crop protection agents
  • Helps plants under stress (droughts, light frosts, impaired lighting and water supply conditions etc.)

"Gumat-Organic" Bioplex

Benefits of our products

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез Does not Contain any Chemicals

Natural Bioplex
that does not contain any chemical substances.

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез Cutting-edge Technology

During production maximum quantity of nutrients extracted from peat is retained in the "Gumat-Organic" humate.

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез Eco-friendly Raw Materials

Peat for the "Gumat-Organic" product is obtained in an ecologically safe district of the Kostroma region.

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез Increased Crop Capacity

The "Gumat-Organic" product
crop capacity.

"Gumat-Organic" Products

One bottle per 500 liters!

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

organic humate, 1 l

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

organic humate, 0.5 l

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

Moderately concentrated
organic humate, 1 l

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

Moderately concentrated
organic humate, 0.5 l

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

Highly concentrated
organic humate, 1 l

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

Highly concentrated
organic humate, 0.5 l


Use the "Gumat-Organic" biostimulant to dramatically increase plant immunity,
to prevent plant diseases and pests, to improve resistance to adverse conditions.

Its objectives are plant nutrition in protected and open soils
by introducing with irrigation water, foliar fertilizing and seed soaking.

Cost of "BioOrganicSintez" Products

Sold to wholesale and retail customers.


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Expert opinion

About "BioOrganicSintez" Products

Scientific experiments have shown that the "Gumat-Organic" fertilizer allows not only to increase germinability of seeds and improve plant immunity, but also to reduce expenses associated with sowing and further field treatment up to one third.

Besides, this agent exerts good anti-stress influence upon contaminated soils by blocking toxins. In other words, it helps to reduce environmental issues in various regions.

In can also be successfully applied in medicine, livestock farming, construction and make-up production industries.
I think that the "Gumat-Organic" can boast a promising future!

Senior research scientist, Ph. D. in Biology,
the Faculty of Soil Science of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Andrey Stepanov

Гумат-органик - ООО БиоОрганикСинтез

Customers' feedback

We highly value the opinions of our customers!

I work at a flower shop. Here fertilizers, soils and protectants are sold as related products. Having tested a huge number of fertilizers, I can assure you that "Gumat-Organic" is an ideal solution for all the kinds of plants, flowers, fruit bushes and trees with an immediate effect. Right before eyes plants quickly start growing and blooming. In case of replanting this agent greatly improves their acclimatization. Our customers claim that sometimes the flowers do not adapt in their houses and perish. So I always recommend them to buy "Gumat-Organic" for extranutrition. Another benefit is an ideal price for such an economical consumption. One bottle will serve you for a long time. I recommend it to everybody. Good luck!

— Natalya Korostyleva

I've been using "Gumat-Organic" for the second year in a row and can assure you that roses are more willing to produce new and strong basal shoots, bushes are stronger, rose shoots bloom better, and flowers themselves are much larger and brighter. Let your company flourish! Thank you!

— Nadezhda Stepanova

I do not add too many fertilizers for my small vegetable garden and indoor flowers. I cannot look after my plants thoroughly because of my two grandchildren. However, once I bought "Gumat-Organic" universal fertilizer on my friend's advice. I heard lots of great feedback about it and decided to give it a try myself! It's a concentrated fertilizer that can be used for a long time! It can be used to both treat seeds and seedlings and fertilize the soil (in place of manure)! I'm greatly satisfied with the results! I recommend it to all gardeners!

— Truly yours, Lyubov Mikhaylovna, Kirov

I bought "Gumat-Organic" in February after I saw the company participate in the "Growing Point" project. I got interested in this new product by my fellow-townsmen from Kostroma and decided to support them. It's a great all-purpose fertilizer for everything: I both nourished my indoor flowers and soaked cucumber seeds. The results have surpassed my expectations: seedlings germinate earlier than usual, and I had my cucumber crop in the end of June. Of course, I gave myself the trouble to treat the soil with humate in place of manure. It should be noted that I got good results for lower price. During a vegetation period I used it for extranutrition and sprayed it over my plants. My vegetables were tasty and big! I will surely buy this fertilizer for the next year!

— Zinaida Nikolaevna

I bought the "Gumat-Organic" fertilizer to give it a try, as I heard lots of great feedback about it. The label says: all-purpose, that is it's good for my flowers too. I've got lots of them in my house, so I decided to nourish them by following the instructions at the bottle… My flowers came to life before my very eyes! New leaves started growing, and violets blossomed. There are detailed instructions on how to use it, so it's perfect for beginning gardeners. It lasts for a long time and is affordable. I recommend it.

— Nadezhda K.

an effective organic fertilizer

An interview about "BioOrganicSintez" company in the "Business Journal" magazine.
"BioOrganicSintez" takes part in the "Growing Point 2016" project.

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